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Robert Cullum is the founder of the investment newsletter TrendWatch. He designed and wrote the proprietary trend analysis software on which both TrendWatch and TAM are based.

After a thirty-year IT career spent in the banking sector, he established TrendWatch in 2000 and quickly built up a subscriber base of several hundred investors, who were attracted by the market-beating performance of his recommendations, and by his acerbic, trenchant and prescient editorial comment on the state of the global financial industry.

Phil Seaton, CMT
is a Chartered Market Technician. He also holds the Investment Management Certificate from CFA UK. As an avid researcher of what investment strategies work and what do not, he is an expert in backtesting. Not surprising, therefore, that his strategies have delivered an exceptional documented investment track record. His success in trading non-equity markets has perfectly complemented TAM's focus on equity investment, as his trades act as natural hedges in weak equity markets. His non-equity trades have proven to be a great success with TAM 2.0, and he has generated excellent returns for TAM investors since 2012. After three years of trading the non-equity part of TAM 2.0 with the exact same strategies that are used for TGF, Phil had produced returns for TAM 2.0 investors of 112.72%.