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When we asked investors in the original TAM if they would be prepared to invest in a new, improved TAM 2.0, we were delighted by the strength of support and encouragement we received. Here is a small cross-section of our customers’ comments…

“I can only imagine the amount of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into realising the TAM system as a marketable product… TAM works, and I have great faith in the concept. If, as you suggest, new software developments will increase the product’s resilience, then I believe TAM 2.0 has a great shot at outperforming the market.” D.R.

“You and your team are great and have proved the concept” D.G.

“TAM is a brilliant concept, the combination of a well-proven stock-picking methodology and the leverage of spread betting.” P.M.

“It is really encouraging to know of the level of support you are receiving… a testimony to the level of trust you have engendered from our fellow investors. I… stand by you for the continuation of TAM.” J.S.

“I think the reason why you’ve got sup-port goes back to how you run Trend-watch – completely openly, disclosing your criteria for what constitutes a trend, how you calculate it, and so on. In addition, you have taken a great deal of effort to keep us informed. You have shown great integrity, so it is not a surprise that you have a lot of ‘followers’.” J.P.

“…I will continue to invest with you, and will even increase my holdings” I.O’N.

“Getting TAM off the ground was done despite the numerous regulatory hurdles that a new concept inevitably creates. You and your team have produced a first-rate product.” E.B.

“You have my complete support, both as a client and a small shareholder… funds already committed to TAM will stay committed. I am both happy to be patient and to commit further funds along the way.” M.W.

“I continue to be impressed by the concept and indeed by the performance… the recovery in performance over the last few weeks has been impressive.” P.S.

“You have everybody’s support!” D.B.

“Thank you for your continued updates. Like everything in both TrendWatch and TAM, it is most professional in execution. I wish I could say the same about some of the more established financial businesses I deal with.” D.A.

“If you go ahead with TAM 2.0, as I hope you do, I will want to be on board. You and your team have developed a unique and successful product in TAM.” D.P.

“Your system… is essentially a strategy of buying good stocks close to the start of an uptrend, letting your winners run and cutting losses. This strategy will always be successful in the long term, provided you can identify winning stocks, which you obviously can. So a leveraged product like TAM is always likely to provide even greater returns in the long term.” G.W.

“…you can absolutely rely on my support and continued investment in TAM, should you be prepared to do a fireman’s lift of TAM 1 and create TAM 2… funds available and with you all the way.” W.B.

“Bring on TAM 2.0!” P.G.

“TAM is a great concept and must not be allowed to wither on the vine after all the hard work you have put in getting it going.” C.C.J.

“We joined TrendWatch, then TAM, because of the excellent historical financial performance of your team. Nothing in this re-gard has changed… new software should make the future better still. We were so impressed by your system that we became shareholders of TAM.” M.A.