These are eventful times for Trendwatch as we prepare for the imminent launch of our second investment product: Trendwatch Global Futures (TGF). This is not the place to discuss this exciting product in detail – you can read all about it by downloading the brochure here. For now, we’ll just say that the difference between this and our original product (‘TAM 2’) is that TAM 2 invests predominantly in individual UK equities, whereas TGF invests in commodities, currencies, fixed interest instruments and stock futures – and it has a great performance record. Watch this space for the launch date. Meanwhile, we’re happy to accept your application ahead of the launch. Just download the Application Pack here.

As for TAM 2… it’s a wild ride at the moment as global stockmarkets hit stormy weather, thanks to China’s dramatic slowdown and crashing currencies in developing markets. But TAM’s bow is being held steadily into the wind thanks to the Vix (the ‘fear gauge’), which rockets in value when equity volatility takes off. As you can see from the performance charts, TAM is holding up well even as the Footsie plunges to its lowest since last December.

To view the performance charts, click here.